Monday, July 8, 2019

Episode 34 - Anna Beard

Freelance writer, news junkie and localvore - also, 80s-born pop-culture fanatic - Kitchener’s Anna Beard joins me on this episode. We started off talking in-depth about coffee and coffee shops, and via going into Anna’s dating-life, we wound up revealing a story I never thought i’d share about dating AND baristas. We go through dating a bit more. There’s a bit of stuff missing at the end that we ran out of time for, a little more politics, Sisqo’s “Thong Song”, mix CDs; but I clipped in at the very very end, an epilogue shouting out to our GHA friends who make that delicious DETOUR coffee!

Chat with Anna Beard, recorded on June 2nd, 2019
Additional segments recorded July 7th, 2019
Published on July 8th, 2019, to
Hosted, produced, edited & mixed by Todd Donald
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