Wednesday, July 17, 2019

This Is Pristine: Debut Album & Music Video

Please show some love and support for our friends in This Is Pristine!!!
>> Here's the direct link to the Kiskstarter

This Is Pristine is comprised of members, Steph Dilts and Kelly Abbass. Kelly is the main vocalist for the duo. Steph is the all around musician of the duo - being proficient at guitar, bass and ukulele. She also plays viola, sings harmonies, and lead vocals on occasion. // We have been creating music for over 13 years now - Sharing our combined voice through the many songs we have written together, and the personal touch we have added to a variety of cover songs - done in our own unique style.

In the summer of 2014 we recorded a Tom Petty double cover with producer Sean Gregory of Sean Gregory Music Productions. We also shot and released a video for the track. That can be seen on our YouTube profile, as well as below: // The plan was to follow that up with a full album. But life kind of takes you all over the place. And we are sorry we've kept you waiting. But now it's time.

We are heading back into the studio with Sean Gregory once more - Bringing back some of the originals that have been appreciated over the years - As well as all new original material - And likely a cover or two, done the Pristine way. // We have been asked for more - We've wanted more - Now it's time for more. This Is Pristine.